Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quick update---forgot to add

I forgot to mention last post that a group of my friends and I have secured a table at Mocca where we will be showing off new mini-comics, and a small anthology of our work! We're going to strive to get a half table for TCAF, so keep your fingers crossed!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quick image update---will explain later.

Will redo this post later, but just wanted to get these images up right now so people can see that I'm actually making comics this year (finally done with fine arts foundation year--fun but ready to move on).
Autiobio one-page comic done for my Storytelling class.

One page with the characters that I created/made model sheets of below.

The top image is my spoof of an Alex Toth (AMAZING artist) page, with a copy of the original below. I'll go more in depth when I re-do this post. The rest of the images are personal work.

Huge page about running. 18"x24"

Will post with proper scans and text soon, but still feel free to comment if you want to :)