Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Everything's Gonna Be Hunky Dory

Hunky Dory - Page 1
Doing a mini-comic for my art summative/senior project (worth close to 40% of my final mark). It's two stories about the most important women in my life: my best friend, Krissy, and my mom, Elizabeth. This is the first page of the story about Krissy. It's called "Everything's Gonna Be Hunk Dory" We're both Bowie fans, haha.
I have to pencil a page a day (totaling 20), and then ink 2 pages a day afterwards. While silk-screening covers to be able to sell mini-comics of this at the art show (june 11th, my birthday!)
Started inking early because I really wanted to ink

Hunky Dory - Page 2
Page two pencils

cover for my mini comic
The cover which will be silk-screened, and this will actually be put sideways (I just have it this way right now so it’s easier to view). It’s supposed to be Krissy, my mom and I (though it didn’t really end up looking like me).

On a non-art note: Jeff Buckley’s music is AMAZING, no doubt, but when I saw this jacket it was love at first sight. Anything out there is mucha $$$, so I’m going to kill my hands and try to make something similar myself. Hell yes. I’ll be best dressed at the art show, haha.
Jeff Buckley

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Long Time No Post!

I realize I haven’t posted in quite awhile. I’ve been catching up in my art class (finally), and today we just wrapped up with our installation piece. I have a lot to post today though!!

I wanted to do something about the conditions my mom, an immigrant, would have lived with arriving to a new country. I really enjoy the idea of exploring my roots. I used a used mattress, a cardboard box to hold up a T.V, and a new stuffed animal (it would have been my sister’s birthday gift—the first new thing she received, not something fished from trash). Added some family photos (no stand on the back, so we taped paper cups to them). And had the projection of my sister curled up in the corner (who would come home crying because the kids picked on her in school because of the language barrier). It’s titled “FREEDOM”. The reason for calling it "Freedom" is because so many people run from countries under a communist rule (my family), or a dictatorship, but end up living in squalor, and in poverty. This is the “freedom” they get.

Here’s something a classmate did (Styrofoam cups)…
Styrofoam cups

Here’s a Jeff Buckley drawing I’m doing with pencil crayons. Jeff Buckley

Speaking of Jeff Buckley, I do this thing for fun sometimes, called “Adventures with Jeff Buckley”. It’s just basically me hanging around with Jeff Buckley’s…ghost?
Adventures with Jeff Buckley

And here are a bunch of sketches I’ve done recently:
Ink Fun - Jackie
Ink fun - Becky
doodles 006
doodles 005

If you want to see the photos larger, click them to go to the flickr page where they have that option. That’s all for now! I leave you with a photo of my super cute dog, Luc!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Quick Update...

Quick post because my mom needs the laptop for work.

The great comics race is over, but Sally and I are trying to make a page a week. Except for right now because we’re very busy with school and other priorities. I’m behind on some projects for art class, so that’s what I’m focusing on. Figured I’d post some doodles though…

Current “muse”: the Greek Goddess, Artemis (or Roman Diana).

Artemis Doodle

Artemis doodles

I’ll talk more later. Au revoir!