Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Everything's Gonna Be Hunky Dory

Hunky Dory - Page 1
Doing a mini-comic for my art summative/senior project (worth close to 40% of my final mark). It's two stories about the most important women in my life: my best friend, Krissy, and my mom, Elizabeth. This is the first page of the story about Krissy. It's called "Everything's Gonna Be Hunk Dory" We're both Bowie fans, haha.
I have to pencil a page a day (totaling 20), and then ink 2 pages a day afterwards. While silk-screening covers to be able to sell mini-comics of this at the art show (june 11th, my birthday!)
Started inking early because I really wanted to ink

Hunky Dory - Page 2
Page two pencils

cover for my mini comic
The cover which will be silk-screened, and this will actually be put sideways (I just have it this way right now so it’s easier to view). It’s supposed to be Krissy, my mom and I (though it didn’t really end up looking like me).

On a non-art note: Jeff Buckley’s music is AMAZING, no doubt, but when I saw this jacket it was love at first sight. Anything out there is mucha $$$, so I’m going to kill my hands and try to make something similar myself. Hell yes. I’ll be best dressed at the art show, haha.
Jeff Buckley

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