Sunday, May 24, 2009


I haven’t updated in a while, sorry! I am SWAMPED with final projects. High School is almost over for me, dear readers (if any of you exist—feel free to leave me comments, anonymous are fine too! I welcome constructive criticism!!).
Anyways, I had my friends Steph and Sally come to Canada, to go to TCAF. It was a great time! We got to meet some of our favourite artists! And we passed out some mini comics.
My friends Sally and Steph
Sally stayed longer (Steph was only there for the weekend), and because of that I slacked on some work, which I am now making up.
Some progress…
Almost fully inked page
Hunky Dory page 2
some pencilled pages

I made a very short (6 pages plus cover and info page), and very simple mini-comic for TCAF. I printed a lot because the photocopier I used wasn’t taking money from my copy card, so I took advantage of that…haha… SO, with that in mind, I’d love to send out some of them to you! I have 18 left! If you want one, e-mail your address at
Seriously, it’s no trouble. It would really make my day!
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  1. I emailed you my address. I want a mini comic!
    pretty please. :)