Monday, October 26, 2009

It has been a long time!

You’ll have to excuse me for the long wait for a new blog post. You’ll also have to excuse me, because for the next little bit, I’m going to get fine artsy on you guys! Which isn’t a bad thing! I enjoy the fine arts, but I miss having some free time to make some cartoons or comics, or just doodles.

As of right now, I am a month and a half into school at SVA. My experience thus far is amazing. The block I currently take has the best teachers (so say the students and I can’t disagree), but also the most work. I get one free day in the week, Saturday (spent cleaning, doing groceries and laundry). Four days of classes, but 6 days spent on homework (and I don’t slack either!). Life as an art student is thrilling, I know. In all seriousness, I am having fun. Stressing out, but not too much, and I’m constantly surrounded by interesting artists.

I briefly interned on Monday’s for a wonderful cartoonist, but some things came up, so the internship will be resumed next semester (hopefully). Regardless of how short, I had a really amazing time and can’t wait to do it again! For now, I have more free time to do homework (and post a blog! Gasp!)

So, all that being said, don’t be too disappointed if you don’t see a lot of original stories, or fun sketches. Right now, we’re mainly doing still lifes and figure drawings and I’m loving it. I try to sketch when I can, especially since our drawing teacher likes to check up on our sketch books, so there will be some stuff like that.

By the way, if any of you have any questions, feedback, etc. feel free to e-mail them to

Okay, no more chatting! Here’s some new stuff:

First off, here’s some pictures of the mini-comic I assembled that I mentioned in my last post:
Some pages...

And the final result (silk-screened cover)...

School work:
1. My first oil painting, a b/w still life
2. This was an interesting excercise. My drawing teacher inserted a slide upside down, and had it so unfocused that when we began this drawing, we had no idea of what it was. Since it was so unfocused, there were no sharp edges, only blurry shapes and values. We drew this and as the day progressed, we focused the image a little more and more, adding more fuzzy shapes and values. In the last 20 minutes (once most of the shading had been built up) the image was completely focused (but still upside down) and we could put in some details. It really altered the way I looked at how to create a drawing (and helped me with how to build up shading).
3. One of our assignments was to do a mood drawing, using expressive lines and shading (my teacher puts a strong emphasis on line and what it can do). This is a corner in my dorm (by the door). My mood? Disgusted. I made the paper dirty on purpose.

Kate Bookcover
Book design for Sylvia Plath's, the Bell Jar (my favourite book). My photoshop skills are not the greatest...


1. Sketch of my friend, Maelle, and the Reverend Mother from the Dune TV mini-series (based off of Frank Herbert's novel)
2. Animal sketches from the Museum of Natural History
3. A sketch of an idea I have for a comic
4. A plan for a book cover for class that we created in photoshop.

Cosmic comics near my dorm, has a 30% off sale and I took the opportunity to pick up Vampire Loves, by Joann Sfar, and Local, by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly.
Vampire Loves was something I borrowed from my library in the summer to read. I fell in love with Sfar’s sense of humour, and yes, even his wobbly lines. Sfar portrays a bunch of mythical creatures (vampires, golems, etc.) experiencing everyday problems (like relationship problems). The dialogue is excellent and hilarious, this is a book that is sure to make you laugh!

One more thing! My friend Stephanie Mannheim, a brilliant young cartoonist (who has always inspired me), had her mini-comic, Roxie #2, reviewed at this blog:
Check it out, and congratulate Steph!

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