Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hello dear readers!
I have much to post because I had to build a website recently with my artwork (in class, it's not actually online, but I'm working on it!). So, I have a lot of sketchbook photos and some new art, though I'll disperse it into a couple of posts.
The semester is almost over. My weekend includes Saturday, Sunday and Monday (where I'll be finishing up some painitng for class, but that'll be a breeze compared to the work load I'm used to doing) and then Tuesday I have a final painting critique until 3, then a flight to catch back home.
I have 2 1/2 weeks of break where I plan to work on some comics! Hurrah!





Old Friends

I'll have more later!

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  1. Your brushwork in that first picture on the left is amazing. Great line variation.