Monday, March 28, 2011

These Are the Days of Our Lives

I'm so terribly sorry there haven't been updates. School, as always, has managed to sweep me away from the world. But wait! The summer is not far away and I plan to work like a fiend through the summer. In fact, I'll set deadlines so that you know there will be something awaiting your eyes, dear viewer. For now, I'll scan some of the pages of the past semester and this semester and upload it slowly to tide you over until the summer.

Did I also mention my friends and I will be exhibiting at MoCCA in NYC and TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival), under "Coffee Spoons Comics" (Table E12 at MoCCA---stay tuned for TCAF!).

In one of my classes we were supposed to choose an artist to focus on and make comics about them. Naturally, I chose Freddie Mercury. Here's one of the pages from that:

web location freddie

This assignment was "location as character" so I chose the bedroom to tell the story of Freddie's illness and eventual death. Click to go to Flickr and get a larger image!

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