Saturday, April 16, 2011

MoCCA Madness!

I had a fantastic time a MoCCA. Even though the night before was a blurry haze of little sleep and non-stop photocopying (with a short break interning). After it was finally over and I got some sleep, I was so exhausted. For three days leading up to, and during most of MoCCA, I survived on very little sleep, but also forgot to eat enough or drink enough water. Crazy!
These photos are taken from my talented friend/cartoonist Sally Cantirino. I'll upload mine soon!

Tired and scraggly looking me with Li-Or Zaltzman

Close up of our table. The three, big, 8.5 x 11 comics are mine.

Two of my comics. I forgot to trade Sally the 3rd one!

Our table anthology, Coffee Spoons Comics #1.

I shall be posting another Freddie page that I did tomorrow (technically today, I guess).
In other news, I will be at SVA's Fresh Meat (free to attend! Come see and buy amazing comics) on April 29th.
Also, I will be exhibiting--along with 2 of my Coffee Spoons Gals, Stephanie Mannheim, and Li-Or Zaltzman--at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, May 8th-9th.

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  1. Bwahaha, you look totally badass in that picture.
    -- Nada