Monday, March 16, 2009

The Great Comics Race!!

So—it’s been awhile since I updated.

News: I got the Silas H. Rhode scholarship for SVA, which means I will be able to attend the cartooning program! I’m really excited to go and see some of my friends and just to be in the city again.

Speaking of friends, my friend
Steph and Sally are visiting me in Toronto mid-May for TCAF (click on names for links to art or TCAF info). I’m unbelieavably excited.

It’s spring break for me right now. And, as it turned out, for Sally as well. We decided to start (as I call it) The Great Comics Race. Basically, we’re penciling a page a day and posting the progress for the other one to see.
Here are my first two pages (a lot of the picture will be inked black, so it might look a little weird right now):
Kingdom Come - Part Two - Page One

Kingdom Come - Part Two - Page Two

Ah, and I got my entry for the MCR Venganza contest done today. Although, all my acrylic ink kept on tipping over, so my carpet is horribly stained (even more so than before). The price of progress.

Photos of my room/studio (although there’s only photos of the workspace part of my room) on my flickr,

Waiting for Sally's post now. She's sent me some sketches and I'm super excited to see this project of hers unfold!

--Kate D.

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