Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So, I wanted to mention this in my last post

But I didn’t want it to get lost within a jungle of text.

I’ve talked about one of my inspirations in comics, and I wanted to ask you readers a couple of questions (particularly cartoonists, but feel free to apply this to whatever it is you do). Don’t worry about writing too much. I love long comments! And I love short comments.

1.Which artist(s) influences your work the most? Feel free to talk about comic artists, comic writers, fine artists, authors, poets, musicians, etc.

2.Why do you want to make comics, or are currently making comics? And at what point in your life did you come to this realization?

3.What is your favourite thing about comics (storytelling, the accessibility of it, the sense of community among artists, etc.)?

These are all questions easily applicable to any field, so feel free to talk about whatever it is you do! Post anonymously, or under your name, and share your own art, writing, etc.

1 comment:

  1. Question 1 - 1. Brian Eno, musician, music producer, writer. 2. Werner Herzog, filmmaker. 3. Milan Kundera, novelist.

    Question 2. Since I was 8! Or sooner, but that's all I can remember. There's something about life in those little boxes that moves me immensely. It's my favorite art form, and when I create something that works, it makes me happier than anything.

    Question 3. Again, like above, something about drawn characters frozen in time for a moment, and the moments stacked up and revealing a whole story. It's a weird little medium, but I love it.

    Some people argue that comics is how we remember- static little images, pieced together to make a complete idea. Is it true? I think so...